Have our Bendigo arborist assess your trees after winter

Posted on September 15, 2016 in News

Winter storms can have a vicious impact on your trees. Even if you’re lucky enough to have all your branches and trees stay intact throughout the season, it is always a good idea to have a professional Bendigo arborist from Judd’s Tree Solutions assess the state of your trees at the end of the season.

Weather related tree and branch damage isn’t always obvious. Strong winds and rain can often create weaknesses that aren’t identifiable to the untrained eye. We can come to your property and our Bendigo arborist can carry out a tree risk assessment and provide advice on the health of your trees and the best course of action if there is damage or potential hazards.

Even if you can see obvious deterioration in your trees or branches, it’s hard to know what to do unless you firstly have a tree risk assessment from a professional arborist in Bendigo. Judd’s Tree Solutions will find the best possible outcome for your trees and your property.

If you have hidden weaknesses in your trees or branches, we will find them. If it’s a favourite tree and it can be saved, we have the tree maintenance services available to save it for you and improve its structure, health and look. In the unfortunate case that your tree can’t be saved, or you would prefer it gone anyway, we offer end-to-end tree removal services. Whatever the case, our experienced and reliable Bendigo arborist can ensure you get the safest and most practical result.

Nature is ever changing and trees can be unpredictable. You aren’t expected to know exactly what’s happening with your trees or what to do when you suspect an issues. Therefore, it’s best to trust your professional Bendigo arborist to carry out a tree risk assessment to not only solve any current issues, but prevent potential hazards in the future.

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