We’ve had a tree cut down but the stump left behind, can you help with stump removal?

If you’re looking for a Bendigo stump remover, then Judd’s Tree Solutions can certainly help. We use a high-powered stump grinder that we use to grind down the stump into small chips allowing for easy tree stump removal. Stump grinding is an efficient method of stump removal and ensures you have no remnants of a stump that could house fungus and termites.

Is it easy to determine whether a tree must be removed?

If a tree is substantially damaged or obviously diseased and deteriorating, it is almost always best to have the tree totally removed. Such damage will leave the tree as a hazard due to the risk of dropping limbs or falling. If you suspect that a tree may be waning but you’re not sure what to do, Judd’s Tree Solutions provide professional Bendigo arborist services. We carry out tree risk assessments and provide advice on the best course of action.

What is the difference between tree lopping and pruning?

Tree lopping is an outdated term used when referring to quite a unconventional and aggressive approach to cutting a tree down to ground level. Tree lopping can be harmful to trees and the surrounding environment and it is not our preferred practice. At Judd’s Tree Solutions, our Bendigo tree pruner will carry out systematic tree trimming and pruning and bringing in a stump remover for total tree removal, if that is the customer’s wish.