Managing trees on your property can be an involved and delicate process, or you might simply want space cleared professionally, efficiently and safely. Whatever the case, Judd’s Tree Solutions is your arborist to call when it comes to Bendigo tree removal, stump removal and much, much more.

Judd’s Tree Solutions has been providing friendly and reliable tree surgeon services to Bendigo and surrounding areas for more than a decade. We pride ourselves on customer service and being there when our customers need us.

We provide end-to-end Bendigo tree removal and branch removal services, including tree stump removal, or stump grinding, which is our preferred practice as opposed to tree lopping. Tree lopping generally means cutting a tree down to the stump. But at Judd’s Tree Solutions, we will opt for total tree removal including our Bendigo tree stump removal service.

We are specialists at working in confined spaces and difficult to access areas, and with business owner Rob Rojewski’s strong background in OH&S and project management, safety and efficiency are two of our highest priorities.

For those who take extra pride in keeping their trees neat, Judd’s Tree Solutions are expert Bendigo tree pruners providing premium tree trimming and pruning services.

Arborist and tree surgeon in Bendigo

If you have a tree that looks sick or damaged but you want to keep it, it’s best to have it looked at by a professional. At Judd’s Tree Solutions, we provide Bendigo arborist services including tree assessments and advice on the best course of action to take if one of your favourite trees is not quite right.

For a professional and reliable Bendigo tree surgeon and tree removal and arborist services, as well as mulch and firewood sales, contact Judd’s Tree Solutions today.