Judd’s Tree Solutions is your Bendigo tree surgeon and tree removal specialist offering complete tree services. If you have a tree issue and need an arborist in Bendigo, we are your expert team to call.

At Judd’s Tree Solutions, customer service is the key to our business. We strive to be there for our customers in their time of need and that’s why we provide around-the-clock emergency Bendigo tree removal services. We will be there when you call for help.

We provide professional, end-to-end tree and branch removal services, which is our preferred practice as opposed to tree lopping. At Judd’s Tree Solutions we are also specialists in stump grinding and tree stump removal, and working in confined areas and difficult to access spaces.

If you’re looking for hedge trimming or a professional tree pruner in Bendigo, Judd’s Tree Solutions has you covered. We provide thorough hedge trimming and shaping services, as well as tree trimming and shaping. As arborists, we pride ourselves on our finished product and will always work closely to customer requests. There’s no random tree lopping in our repertoire.

Contact us for more information about our reliable and professional Bendigo arborist and tree surgeon services.

Emergency Tree Removal

Trees can be unpredictable creatures. At any time something can go wrong and several factors can cause trees to pose a danger, including hidden weaknesses and the weather. When things go wrong or are threatening to, Judd’s Tree Solutions provides emergency Bendigo tree removal services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We can attend to...

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Hedge Trimming & Shaping

Hedging is a popular garden feature aesthetically, as well as being practical for privacy. To ensure your hedge remains both visually appealing and serves its purpose as a privacy screen and wind break, regular hedge trimming and shaping is required. Unless they are maintained correctly, hedges can ruin the look of your property. A lot of...

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Stump Removal

An important part of the tree removal process is stump removal, which requires stump grinding. At Judd’s Tree Solutions, we are your expert stump remover with loads of experience using a stump grinder as a pivotal part of our Bendigo stump removal service. Pests such as white ants like using tree stumps as a place to call home and...

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Tree Trimming & Pruning

Keeping your trees well pruned and maintained is important to their health as well as maintaining the neat look of your property. As your Bendigo tree pruner, Judd’s Tree Solutions can remove unwanted, damaged or diseased branches that not only pose a danger but also look unsightly and can affect the health of the tree. Our process,...

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Tree & Branch Removal

Judd’s Tree Solutions offers complete tree removal and branch removal services in Bendigo and across the surrounding region. Our expert arborist can carry out tree felling and removal of trees that are posing a threat to people or property, that are sick or dying, or that you might simply want gone for aesthetic purposes. As...

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