Tree pruner, Bendigo

Keeping your trees well pruned and maintained is important to their health as well as maintaining the neat look of your property. As your Bendigo tree pruner, Judd’s Tree Solutions can remove unwanted, damaged or diseased branches that not only pose a danger but also look unsightly and can affect the health of the tree.

Our process, which was traditionally but now incorrectly referred to as tree lopping, involves an assessment by a tree surgeon as to which branches can be removed safely, and which branches are posing no threat and are important to the health of the tree. After the tree assessment, a professional Judd’s Tree Solutions tree pruner will set about expertly trimming the tree, as opposed to unskilled tree lopping.

Judd’s Tree Solutions’ expert Bendigo tree pruners are experienced in trimming trees of all shapes and sizes, including fruit trees. We also specialise in hedge trimming and shaping.

Tree pruning can be a delicate task and is best left to a qualified tree surgeon. Having a tree pruner carry out work on your trees will benefit the whole tree and ensure it maintains its strength and health. Our tree pruner might also opt to reduce the tree crown and tree weight to further lessen the risk of dangerous growth and branch development, but we will always consult with our customers first.

If you want our Bendigo tree pruner to trim a tree all the way to ground level, we will often advise encourage you to have the tree totally removed. At Judd’s Tree Solutions, we opt for total tree removal as opposed to tree lopping practices. Our Bendigo tree removal services include using a stump grinder to ease the tree stump removal process.

Contact us for safe and reliable tree trimming and pruning by an experienced arborist, tree surgeon and tree pruner in Bendigo.