Judd’s Tree Solutions offers complete tree removal and branch removal services in Bendigo and across the surrounding region. Our expert arborist can carry out tree felling and removal of trees that are posing a threat to people or property, that are sick or dying, or that you might simply want gone for aesthetic purposes.

As professional arborists, we opt for total tree removal practices and not outdated tree lopping methods if you want a tree gone altogether. We favor tree removal, which includes stump grinding and tree stump removal, because it is a more sustainable and environmentally friendly practice. Tree removal, unlike tree lopping, also minimizes the risk of future complications with the remaining tree stump, such white ant infestations. Judd’s Tree Solutions is your specialist stump grinder and stump remover in Bendigo.

At Judd’s Tree Solutions, we provide end-to-end Bendigo tree removal and branch removal services. We specialize in removing dangerous or damaged fallen branches from otherwise healthy and harmless trees, and we can carry out branch removal or tree felling of just about any tree species or size. Large trees have more extensive root systems which can pose more risk. As your Bendigo arborist, we can also carry out tree risk assessments and provide advice on the best course of action.

While safety reasons are a major factor in the need for total tree removal and branch removal, tree felling can also improve the look and practicality of your property. Our Bendigo tree removal services can help you open up new outdoor and garden space and views.

At Judd’s Tree Solutions, we are specialists at tree removal and branch removal in confined spaces and difficult-to-access areas, and OH&S, public safety and efficiency are among our highest priorities.

We are well-equipped and professional Bendigo tree fellers offering prompt, reliable, safe and cost-effective tree removal and branch removal services.