Judd’s Tree Solutions provides professional Bendigo arborist services to help you manage the trees on your property. We understand that our customers’ trees can be an important feature of their property and we can provide expert advice on the best course of action when issues arise.

Our Bendigo arborist is prompt and reliable and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the health and state of just about any tree species. When a tree looks sick or damaged, or you are concerned about deteriorating branches, Judd’s Tree Solutions can have a tree surgeon provide tree risk assessments and advice on how to best treat the tree.

After an assessment, Judd’s Tree Solutions can deliver a range of tree services that will safely maintain or remove the tree.

Tree Risk Assessments & Advice

Judd’s Tree Solutions can send an arborist to your property in Bendigo and surrounds to provide onsite tree inspections and tree risk assessments of potentially hazardous trees. We can then provide verbal advice and quotes on possible solutions. Not all trees that look sick, decaying or damaged need to be cut down and removed. At...

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